Dash Shaw


NEW BOOKS: Cosplayers and Doctors,

New School, 3 New Stories, and New Jobs.

BodyWorld and Bottomless Belly Button.

Recent Animations: New School, Seraph, and Wheel of Fortune.

dash (dot) austin (dot) shaw (at) gmail (dot) com


A new minicomic by cartoonist and animator Dash Shaw (New School, Seraph, BodyWorld, Bottomless Belly Button) printed by Uncivilized Books in an edition of 500 copies.

A couple living in Bed-Stuy are going to have a child. To support the child, they need to get new jobs. The woman gets a job as an organizer for a rich doctor; the man as a writer for a design firm that “designs” political candidates. 32 pages of New York circa right now! 

4.25 x 5.5 inches, b&w on multi-color paper

Order on the Uncivilized Books website.  Ships in April.

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