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Once a month something like this pops up in my email —

From: Joe Blow, Comix Sexpert

To: your inbox.

Dear Artist,

I deeply apologize for this mass email.  You are my favorite cartoonist ever.  I am starting an exciting new comics anthology/magazine.  It will include my own work craftily placed amongst the top contemporary comic book artists.  Yes, this will be the true comix “mix tape!”  The genesis of the project was this: I wanted to have a book out, but I only felt like drawing 9 pages, so by padding my work with your works, I get to have a book out and feel like the successful (and influential) cartoonist that I know I am.

Studies have shown that a strong unifying theme is the best way for a comics anthology to reach the most readers.  My 9-page story is auto-bio, so the theme of the first volume will be “me.”  Each story must have something to do with me. 

I’m hoping you will contribute a 10 to 12-page original story about me in 8.5 X 11” B&W 1200 DPI TIFFs .25” ROOM FOR FULL BLEED.  Unfortunately, I cannot pay you anything at this time (this is a labor of love for everyone involved.)  The deadline for your pencils is the 1st of next month.  Then I may pair you with an inker. 


Joe Blow,

Comix Sexpert

P.S. Is Fantagraphics interested in publishing this?

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