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3 New Stories
by Dash Shaw


32-page full-color comic book • $3.99
ISBN: 978-1-60699-721-5

Order Now! - Also available digitally via comiXology

This one-shot comic book features three all-new, full-color short stories that explore varied dystopian societies. From a Sherlock Holmes-style investigator who must complete his high school degree to filmed “voluntary” nudity to prison camps full of jaded children, Shaw pens each story with his signature style and unique spin, all in 32 pages.

“A former student of the genius artist-seer-cartoonist Gary Panter, Dash, it’s fair to say, is something of a genius as well.” — Chris Ware

“Dash Shaw is an utterly brilliant young cartoonist who has, in a few short years, advanced from the academic experiments of his earlier work… into a formalist genius whose skills encompass both a natural gift for color and a feel for subtle, indirect characterization.” – Bill Howard, Only the Cinema

“Kaleidoscopic… Shaw has a deft touch… Like the very best illustrated fiction, Shaw’s work moves between pathos and humor, between the fantastic and the familiar.” – The Christian Science Monitor

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