Dash Shaw


NEW BOOKS: Cosplayers and Doctors,

New School, 3 New Stories, and New Jobs.

BodyWorld and Bottomless Belly Button.

Recent Animations: New School, Seraph, and Wheel of Fortune.

dash (dot) austin (dot) shaw (at) gmail (dot) com


Cold Heat LIVES - a lot of the drawings are me imitating Ben Jones - or I would “sample” Ben to make it look seamless


Cold Heat promos from Frank Santoro, Ben Jones, and Dash Shaw - I got these back at SPACE 2008 - I didn’t buy these - I was just walking around the aisles, someone appeared (Frank?), and these were in my hands…

Nice snippets of ephemera.

That horse bus poster is the James McMullan poster for “Carousel.”  He wrote about seeing it on the side of buses in his book The Theater Posters of James McMullan.  He taught at SVA and I was obsessed with his book High Focus Drawing for a long time.

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