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NEW BOOKS: Cosplayers and Doctors,
New School, 3 New Stories, and New Jobs.

Previously: BodyWorld and Bottomless Belly Button.

Recent Animations: New School, Seraph, and Wheel of Fortune.

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This is still all online starting here. You can open the maps and other chapters by mousing over “BodyWorld” on the left tab. I’ve never been able to design a good website, so many people never read the final chapter (twelve), just because of the stupid older design. Eventually I might serialize the whole thing again, or archive it better, but that’d mean I’d have to look at it closely and decide whether or not to redraw or make changes to it, and I’m not ready to do that yet.



Dash Shaw

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    For real this is free online and well worth the read.
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    Are you kidding me there is a chapter twelve? I am flippin out
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    If you haven’t read this yet you need to go do so now. I remember back when this was being serialized and it was so...
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    This is a favorite for sure. Highly recommending it.
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