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Visting Artist Workshops

I’m teaching for a week at the Sequential Artists Workshop in Gainesville, Florida.  Feb 24th to the 28th.  Gabrielle Bell is teaching the following week, March 3rd to 7th.  Please sign up.

It’ll be a super-intense week I have planned.  I’ve taken a lot of comics classes in my life, and I tried to plan a course that will actually be useful and show you how you can generate a lot of material and get over the hump of actually sitting down to make a comic.  We will be doing a lot of writing exercises and quick comic-making and crits.

Here’s the supply list:

1.  A ream of 8.5 X 11” computer paper.

2.  Pens.  Whatever you normally draw with, plus some general office supply-type pens.

3.  Pencils with erasers.  A small pencil sharpener too.

4.  A lined notebook.  (80 sheets, meade, doesn’t matter — a lined notebook to write words in.)

5.  A comic that you want to talk about — a pamphlet, book, whatever you want.

That’s it!  I hope it’s warm in FLA then!

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